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  เจ้าหน้าที่บริการเทคนิค, ตัวแทนขาย, พนักงานขายทั้งหมด, พนักงานบริการทั้งหมด, MDS
  60  นาที
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  • Important basic information relating to the topic of network technology will be covered in this module.


  • Service Technician, Sales Representative


  •       • Networks
          • Network topologies, protocols, models
          • OSI model

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  • After completing this module …
  •       • you will know the historical background of the development of networks,
          • you will know what a Local Area Network (LAN) is,
          • you will be able to characterise peer-to-peer and client-server networks,
          • you will know the details of network architecture and different network topologies,
          • you will know the characteristics of the most important network protocols,
          • you will know the OSI model as a description of a network operating system.


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Network Technology - Introduction Test
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